Product bundles of your favourites

Your favourites put together as bundles and discounted. You will find here special packs of Grass Fed Steaks, Outdoor Reared Pork and Wild Fish & Seafood.

Buying these combination packs will give you a considerable discount vs buying the products individually.

We have at any one time some 125 to 150 products live in our store. All these are fresh natural proteins – crucial to a healthy diet. And, we watch carefully to see which products our customers like through their reviews and repeat purchase. Then, on that basis we put together these bundle packs.

Most of the meats are vacuum packed and the fish and seafood is carefully packaged to lock in the freshness and taste. Our aim being for it to arrive at your door in perfect condition.

All our foods are now prepared fresh to your order and sent to you fresh overnight by courier.

Showing all 5 results

Showing all 5 results