Game birds

Buy Top Quality Game Birds Online

Our selection of online game birds includes an extensive range of pheasant, wood pigeon and partridge. Harvested wild, these birds are carefully sourced and are delivered fresh and chilled to guarantee their total freshness.

Our online range of game will provide meals that contain delicate, tasty meat that has a subtle flavour for you to enjoy. Our naturally reared game birds are much leaner than farmed domesticated poultry and, as a result, are totally nutritious and can be cooked to make beautiful meals.

Game meat is rich in flavour so we advise slower cooking with care to avoid overcooking. Wild game does not have the fat content in the meat like domestic poultry, so baste during cooking and simmer before serving will provide the best taste possible.

As you’d expect availability varies across the seasons of the year so what we have in stock will change from month to month.

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Showing all 2 results