Wild boar

Buy Quality Wild Boar Meat Online

Buy wild boar online from The Good Grub People and have a fresh order delivered straight to your door. We only use great quality boar that has been naturally reared and carefully looked after, so that you can enjoy a perfect wild boar steak which will be highly flavoured with a deep but sweet rich taste. Living in mixed woodland, our boar forage for their food which contributes to the unique and delicious flavour.

We offer both wild boar steaks and pate, providing you with impressively rich and tasty meat every time.

A luxurious treat, buying boar online here will guarantee fresh, quality meat. Browse our selection of meaty boar below.

We prepare you order fresh and send it to your door chilled and fresh, in our insulated packaging with cool packs to keep your order in perfect condition.

As with all our game meats availability will vary through the seasons.

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