Grass Fed Beef

100% British fresh Grass Fed Beef online

Buying top quality fresh British Grass Fed Beef online has never been so simple. Traditionally slow reared for great taste, you are just a few clicks away from cooking excellent, healthy meat for you and your family. With the finest joints to traditional family favourites such as beef burgers, you’ll wonder why you never bought your beef online before.

All our beef comes from just the one farm in the Trent Valley – so we know exactly the origins of our beef steak and how it has been raised. Grazed on open fields, and fed a diet of natural wholesome grass and red clover. Our steaks are then matured for 21 days to bring out the full flavour and buttery texture.

All our British Grass Fed Beef comes from John Quickfall’s farm where his family have farmed for many years. Watch our video about grass fed natural steak. No fertiliser or sprays are added to the grass it is just naturally fertilised. Additionally his animal welfare standards are second to none.

The beef that results from all this care and experience is excellent and comes freshly prepared to your order. We know you won’t be disappointed.