Grass Fed Beef Joints

Buy 100% British fresh Grass Fed Beef Joints online

When you buy quality fresh Grass Fed Beef Joints online here at The Good Grub People, you can relax knowing that your meat has been naturally reared and well looked after, all the way from the source farm to your door. Our beef joints are full of nutrients and goodness as the home grown red clover silage supplements the natural grass feed.

Our selection includes the finest cuts, from rib of beef to fillet and are freshly prepared in order to maintain their excellent taste. Our animals are extremely well cared for and respected and herd is both calm and friendly.

Our range is carefully selected to ensure there is something to suit every taste so you can purchase the finest beef online and provide great tasting meat for you and your family.

Your order is prepared fresh and delivered to your door fresh and chilled.

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Showing all 13 results