Oxtail and Beef Marrow Bones

Buy the finest fresh oxtail and beef marrow bones online

Buying oxtail and beef marrow bones online from The Good Grub People ensures you’ll be purchasing premium quality cuts of meat for your family. Rich in flavour, our selection of oxtail cooks beautifully and represents a unique choice of meat for any family meal.

To be precise oxtail, nowadays, comes from beef herds (cows) whereas it use to come from oxen. It is a bony cut of beef with a high gelatine content and marrow. So, it needs to be cooked slowly so perfect for soups, stocks and braising.

A highly underrated type of meat, oxtail is incredibly nutritious and advised to be slow cooked in order to get as much flavour as possible. Our grass fed ox is the perfect way to cook something healthy and filling for the whole family. To guarantee an amazing meal, buy quality Oxtail online here at the from The Good Grub People.

Your order is prepared fresh and delivered to your door fresh and chilled by courier in insulated packaging complete with cool packs.

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Showing all 2 results