Grass Fed Steak

100% Fresh British Grass Fed Steaks

Grass Fed Steak needs to be reared with expert care to ensure the highest quality meat for you to enjoy. We’re always on the look out for the best possible meat that cooks beautifully. Here at The Good Grub People, our steaks have been naturally reared and grass fed. They are matured for 21 days to deliver unrivaled flavour and flawless cooking every time.

Our Grass Fed Steak all comes from just the one farm in the Trent Valley. It is traditionally slow reared on grass pasture without rush so the beef matures naturally. There is NO industrial grain feed and the meadows are not treated with any pesticides or fertilisers.

Your order for Grass Fed Steak is prepared fresh and delivered to you chilled and fresh by courier.

Buying your steaks online at The Good Grub People guarantees premium quality fresh meat is delivered straight to your door. For those of you who love fine food, our Grass Fed Steaks can be found in a variety of cuts, including: Ribeye, Fillet, Rump, T Bone and Sirloin.