Grass Fed Diced Steak

Buy the finest fresh Diced Grass Fed Steak online

Our prime fresh Grass Fed Diced Steak comes from just the one farm in the Trent Valley in the county of Nottinghamshire. The beef is grazed on open fields next to the Trent and fed a wholesome natural grass and red clover diet.

The rearing of the beef is completely natural with neither grain feed or any fertiliser on the fields. Just naturally slow reared.

Excellent quality beef comes from traditional slow rearing with the cattle spending their lives nourished on fresh grass. And it takes approximately twice as long to rear beef this way as opposed to what one buys in the supermarkets, where the animals are kept in concrete floored sheds and fed on grain fortified with chemicals to make them grow fast.

Not surprisingly our beef tastes very different.

As a result of all this traditional rearing effort, our fresh Diced Steak is both full of flavour and tender and is the very same quality as our renowned Grass Fed Steaks.

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