Grass Fed Specialist Steaks

Buy the finest fresh Grass Fed Specialist Steaks online

Our online range of fresh Grass Fed Specialist Steaks and our third generation family farm use traditional labour intensive methods produces the very best beef.

Our beef is Slow Reared on natural grass fields. There is no fertiliser or insecticide sprayed on the fields; and likewise, the animals are not fed industrial grain feed. Just a natural diet of grass and red clover.

Grass fed and naturally reared with expert care our beef is matured for 21 days to deliver unrivaled flavour and flawless cooking every time.

Buying specialist beef steaks online from us genuinely guarantees premium quality meat for you and your family. For those of you who love fine food, our fresh grass fed specialist beef steaks can be found in a variety of cuts, including Flat Iron and Chuck Eye.

Your order is prepared fresh and delivered to your door chilled and fresh.

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