Grass Fed T Bone Steaks

Buy the finest fresh Grass Fed T Bone Steaks online

Fresh Grass Fed T Bone steaks from one farm in the Trent Valley in Nottinghamshire. This is prime steak from beef grazed on open fields next to the River Trent and fed a wholesome natural grass and red clover diet.

Our fresh Grass Fed T Bone steaks are reared completely naturally, no hormones or industrial grain feeds in sight. The steak is matured for three weeks to both tenderise and bring out the rich beef flavour. You will notice the difference immediately in the taste.

It takes twice as long to rear our beef as opposed to cheaper factory farmed beef you can buy on the high street. Our beef has a fresh grass diet, rich in sugars and nutrients. Consequently, the cattle grow slowly, at a natural pace, with lean tender nutrient dense meat.

Grass Fed T Bone Steaks are the large size that they are, ours are 16oz, because they have a fillet steak on one side and a sirloin on the other. So, take care when you are cooking T Bone steaks because these two sides cook at different rates.

This tender fresh T Bone Steak is great: pan-fried, grilled, or cooked on a BBQ.

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Showing all 2 results