Fresh poultry: chicken, turkey, duck & goose

Our online selection of poultry, which includes, turkey, goose and duck, have been carefully reared outdoor and are able to roam free and eat a healthy diet, meaning that you will receive the best possible products every time you order.

Turkey is very tasty lean meat which is rich in amino acids such as tryptophan, it is also a lean meat with a fat content. Recipe possibilities are many – from shredded in salads to a jalfrezi.

Duck has a rich dark meat which is very lean if the skin is removed (as lean as chicken without the skin). But the skin adds a terrific flavour and the fat is good natural fat crucial for both taste and nutrition. Duck is a good source of protein, selenium, zinc, iron and Vitamin B.

Goose is a dark meat with a flavour similar to the dark meat of a turkey – a very tasty meat. It does have a lot of fat but this mostly under the skin and not in the meat; consequently, it is released during cooking and used for basting the breast.

With excellent flavour and rich taste, buying poultry online from The Good Grub People will guarantee a freshly prepared delivery for you and your family to enjoy. Our selection is second to none, offering you a high standard of naturally reared meat that can become part of a nutritious diet. The range of poultry we stock does vary through the year – if you don’t see what you want do ring us.