Free range chicken

Top quality free range chicken online

Buying your choice of free range chicken online from The Good Grub People and you are choosing from welfare audited farms that look after their stock exceptionally. From chicken breasts to whole chickens, you won’t find any added water in the chicken we deliver so it is of the very highest quality and taste.

Chicken is a carbohydrate free food. And, again, like all natural meats, it is not only a rich source of protein; but, is a protein complete food – meaning it is a source of all nine essential amino acids. Without the skin it is a lean meat. However, the skin is a good source of natural saturated fats, with fat being essential element of nutrition.

It is a tasty and versatile meat with a role to play in the diet whether for someone wanting to lose a few pounds or a body builder wanting to put on muscle.

Our free range chicken provides you with premium meat to suit any taste. We offer a variety of chicken portions to accommodate your needs, but what really sets us apart is the standard of our meat.

100% pure, tasty chicken, which has been carefully reared, our free range chicken tastes exceptional every time and, ordered online, you benefit from your selection being freshly prepared to order.

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Showing all 3 results