Grass Fed Beef Marrow Bones 1Kg Pack


These are pieces of fresh marrow bone prepared from grass fed beef cattle. The pieces are each approx 8cm in length and you will get in your 1Kg pack 4 – 6 pieces.

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These are Grass Fed Beef Marrow Bones prepared from the very same grass fed beef we use for our steaks and joints.

The bone is freshly prepared to your order, with individual pieces being approximately 8cm long.

Our beef is raised on natural grass meadow with red clover and there is no artificial feed given to the animals. Additionally, the meadows have not been fertilised or sprayed for many years, the richness of the soil is completely natural.

With these Grass Fed Beef Marrow Bones you can make an excellent beef bone broth which is rich in both nutrients and flavour, with this traditional broth is at the foundation of so many dishes from cuisines around the world.

The health benefits are renowned, because the long slow simmering of marrow bones releases lots of health compounds that help with: boosting the immune system, reducing cellulite, improving joint health and reducing food intolerances.


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