Grass Fed T Bone Steak 2 x 16oz

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This pack contains 2 Grass Fed T Bone Steaks each being 16oz in weight.

Your order is prepared fresh by our expert butchers using aged grass fed beef.

Our Grass Fed T Bone Steak 2 x 16oz is individually packed ready for you to store in the fridge until needed or they can be frozen. In the fridge the steaks are fine for 7 days; but if frozen they can be stored for up to 12 months. These steaks are suitable for freezing because the beef hasn’t been previously frozen – it is fresh aged beef.

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Our Grass Fed T Bone Steak 2 x 16oz, as with all our beef, is traditionally “slow reared” on a completely natural grass and red clover diet in open fields free from fertiliser and any chemical contamination.

Our steaks come from just the one farm in the Trent Valley and the beef is reared using age old methods without any rush – just traditionally slow reared. So, you can be sure of the quality and provenance. This is melt in the mouth steak with natural succulence that you cannot buy in the supermarkets.

The finishing touch is that we then age the steak for 21 days.

And then finally, your order is prepared fresh and it is sent to you chilled and fresh with each steak individually packed.

Your Grass Fed T Bone Steak 2 x 16oz order will be sent to you fresh and chilled over night by courier, in our special insulated packaging, delivered direct to your door.


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